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Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety

Pharmacovigilance sits at the very heart of the pharmaceutical sector.

All roads, whether in drug development, trials or monitoring post-launch, lead back to the overriding priorities of drug safety and efficacy.

Pharmacovigilance is also a function with a rising workload. As science creates more drugs, for more conditions, for more people, so the incidence of adverse events (AEs) will inevitably increase.

In 2019, one multinational drugs company reported 1.4 million AEs – anything from a runny nose to more serious issues – and this is projected to rise by 20%.

ACHIEVA plays an active role in strengthening the pharmacovigilance teams across major industry organisations, SMEs and start-ups. We specialise in a range of disciplines, including:

  • Senior/Drug Safety Associate
  • Drug Safety Coordinator
  • Pharmacovigilance Officer
  • Senior Pharmacovigilance Scientist
  • Risk Management Specialist
  • Senior Pharmacovigilance Manager
  • Team Lead
  • Associate Director

To register with ACHIEVA submit your CV by clicking the ‘REGISTER WITH ACHIEVA’ button. Alternatively email us at or call us on +44 (0) 1727 811634 and our specialist staff will be more than happy to assist.

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