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A new world creates many fresh opportunities, and the automotive sector is re-engineering itself for the future.

It’s a future of smart factories, intelligent supply chains and, of course, cleaner powertrains ‘fuelled’ by electricity, hydrogen, hybrid, and biofuel technologies. Indeed, sales of EVs are surging, just as the end of the road for the combustion engine has been brought forward to 2030.

Forecasts are already projecting double-digit growth for the sector in 2021. Whether you’re an auto engineer, a technician or a manager, ACHIEVA can connect you to a host of roles for this new era, including:

  • Production Supervisors and Managers
  • Shift Managers
  • Quality Engineers and SQA Engineers
  • Quality Managers
  • Setters
  • Injection Moulding Technicians
  • Engineering Managers
  • Maintenance Technicians

To register with ACHIEVA submit your CV by clicking the ‘REGISTER WITH ACHIEVA’ button. Alternatively email us at or call us on +44 (0) 1727 811634 and our specialist staff will be more than happy to assist.

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