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Mental health experts in high demand following announcement of government scheme

Demand for mental health professionals, including nurses, psychiatrists and therapists, is set to rise following the announcement of a new government-backed scheme.

People with severe mental health issues, such as bipolar and schizophrenia and those with more common struggles, including anxiety and depression, will benefit from expanded mental health services backed by £500 million as part of the government’s Mental Health Recovery Action Plan[1].

A quarter of people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England and one in six will suffer from anxiety or depression in any given week[2]. The events of the last 12 months have worsened the situation, with 13 per cent of UK adults surveyed by the Mental Health Foundation[3] in February 2021 admitting they had experienced thoughts and feelings about suicide in the previous two weeks.

The government’s plan, published in March 2021, aims to respond to the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of the public, specifically targeting groups which have been most affected – namely those with previous mental illnesses, young people and frontline staff.

As part of the strategy, confidential NHS talking therapies (IAPT services) will expand, supporting 1.6 million people to access services in 2021/22, backed by an additional £38 million. As a result, additional therapists are required to support those with more complex mental health needs as a result of the pandemic.

People living with severe mental illness will also benefit from enhanced community healthcare services, supported by a budget of £58 million to improve joined up support between primary and secondary care. The funding will enable people with severe mental illnesses to access support such as psychological therapies, improved physical health care and assistance with securing employment.

As part of the wider government agenda to aid post-pandemic recovery and enhance NHS mental health services in the longer term, £111 million will be invested to train the workforce of the future. It is hoped that this will ensure enough staff are in place to support two million more people by 2023/24 and provide any member of society that suffers with mental health difficulties with the support they need.

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